Frequently Asked Questions:

1.Why is my string light not working?

First, check whether the light string and the power supply terminal of the power supply are connected well; whether the power plug is normally energized; if both are normal, please check whether the switch of the control box is turned on.

2.Why is my remote not working?

First, check whether the insulating sheet of the remote control battery is pulled out; secondly, the operating distance of the remote control should be aimed at the position of the infrared receiver of the control box within the range of 16.4FT. If it still doesn't work, try double-clicking the power button of the control box to reactivate the remote control function.

3.Why can't my phone be connected to the light string, and I can't control the light string after connecting for a while?

First, make sure that the light string is normally powered on, and the Bluetooth of the mobile phone is turned on; secondly, the distance between the mobile phone and the light string can not be too far, and it should be stored in 32.8-49.2FT.

4.How to cancel the countdown after setting?

Please set the countdown time to 0 hours and 0 minutes to cancel the countdown.

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G40 Outdoor String Lights

Perfect decoration for balcony terrace, garden, Bistro, pergola, gazebo, tent, barbecue, city roof, market, cafe, umbrella, dinner, wedding, birthday party etc.

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