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APP Instructions for Aoycocr Lights

1.  "Lined" series of products (Applicable to "Tunable color temperature" series products)


2. Conventional "strip" light strings such as "strawberry lights, ball lights, copper wire lights, leather wire lights, S14, G40"


3. "Christmas Tree Lights", "Curtain Lights", "Waterfall Lights" APP description


4. Group function ------App Instructions

Group function--APP instructions (qq.com)

APP Function Introduction

Scene Effect

A rich selection of preset scenes is available to support any kind of decoration, indoors or outdoors. A variety of popular scene effects have been developed over the years and are continuously being developed.

Musical Rhythm

Lights dance with music, lights move with rhythm. String lights can be colored and flickered according to the beat of music around you, creating a wonderful atmosphere.

RGB Dimmer

Over 16 million color transformations are supported for more realistic, fuller colors.

Timer & Schedule

Create a timer to turn on/off the light like setting an alarm clock, which is convenient and quick to avoid forgetting; Set a countdown, the lights will turn off automatically after the countdown is over.

DIY 1: Segmented Color

DIY allows segmented coloring, as well as customized multi-color flashing alternately. It's very convenient to customize the effect and colors according to your preferences.

DIY 2: Customized Multiple Colors

Some new products allows you to control the color of each light bead, flash multiple colors in alternation, such as flashing purple and then red.

Hello Fairy App

Let you create the perfect home or outdoor vibe by playing light effects and animations.

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